About Rambling History

Ilove random trivia. Random and mostly unuseful trivia. Relevant enough to perhaps win a bonus winner-take-all round in a pub trivia night, but not useful enough to make it past the entrance exam of Jeopardy (mostly since my geography is terrible). My favorite category is History. I love learning new things about the past, especially things that few people know are remember. For example, did you know that there were two Thanksgivings in 1939?

So I wanted to make a podcast about these things. Random trivia in history, but then I thought more about what I wanted to learn more about and share. I love comedy and music, why not learn more and share about the history of these subjects. Who inspired who and why. So this podcast is about History. Mostly.

History is very long, but very interesting and sometimes it takes a while to tell it. I am often a verbose man and rarely concise, so mixing this with a subject that allows for such a person can make for a longer run podcast. However I hope you enjoy it and find it as interesting as I do.